Call a plumber in Raleigh to make sure you have nothing hiding behind the walls


plumbing issuesThere are perhaps more plumbing problems in homes than any other type of repair. Do not be confused, most plumbing repairs, except for the most minor are not projects that you as a homeowner should attempt yourself. You can contact the professional 919 plumbing company Raleigh

Pipes are notorious for breaking in the middle of the night, without warning. Water heaters sometimes just decide to die also without any advance warning. It is physically impossible to be prepared for every possible problem that can happen in a home.

Living in a hot humid climate, does not preclude you from having heating and cooling problems that can and should be addressed by a plumber. A plumber, most likely will not see pipes bursting due to the cold very often, but wear and tear affects all property no matter where it is located. If you hear strange noises when you run the tap or flush the toilet get a plumber in to check out your pipes. As the old adage goes;”it is better to be safe than sorry.”

As has been discussed in previous articles, before you pick up the phone to call any kind of repair person, you really should, yes, even if it is an emergency, do at least a cursory phone interview of the person who will be doing the plumbing repairs.

There are perhaps as many charlatans out there as there is legitimate licensed and insured workman. The unfortunate thing is not all legitimate businesses can be differentiated from the crooks easily.  A company that by all indications is a cut above the rest is 919 plumbing with locations throughout North Carolina. They offer flat rate pricing and a 90 minute guarantee that they will be at your home within 90 minutes of your call or you can deduct $25 from the total bill.

What can you do to prevent being “ripped off” by a dishonest plumbing contractor? It is a very good idea before you choose a plumber to personally interview at least three either on the phone, or in person. A face to face interview will give you a better feel for the character of the plumber involved. Ask for references and be sure to check them out thoroughly. Check bank and credit histories if possible. Do not rely solely on word of mouth, or a Internet search. Check them out on BBB for complaints, and trust your instincts.

How to plan your custom home build

custom home buildThere is no doubt that building a custom home requires a lot of work and dedication. If you live in Austin TX for instance, experts recommend that you should approach a home renovation company, which can offer you the right services. Such types of homes are in most instances built by professionals who have a good level of experience in construction. This is simply because they understand your ideas and can implement them in the right and most flawless manner.

The same Austin Custom Home Builder will most definitely have a team that will work on your project. The team includes project managers, designers, renovators, architects and even accountants are involved.

Custom homes

It is important to appreciate the fact that custom homes are unique and thus require lots of planning. Even before you hire a Custom Home Builder, you need to do some planning. In most cases, families get designers who can work on their homes and then proceed to approach the construction company. However, it would be much cheaper and easier for you if you approached a renovation company, which specializes in custom building projects.

These custom home builders come up with the right designs while still consulting with you and after that they implement the design until the house is complete. The good thing with working with a Builder is that they will walk you through the entire process until you are satisfied with the services that they offer. You will however have to sign a contract with them to show commitment and demonstrate your willingness to hire them.

Locating these custom builders

The right place to search would be the internet. Most well known custom builders in this part of the United have websites that offer detailed information about what they do. Custom building, renovations, plan drawings are just but some of the many services that they provide. If you are not really convinced about their services, you can move on and search in other websites until you get what you want. When you get what you need, you can contact the builders through the contact information you find in their website. You can then proceed to schedule an appointment with them so that you can agree on the terms of service.

Pest Control Barriers in Charlotte, NC – The Essentials

pest controlWhether you’re battling a horde of ants or fighting off ravenous bed bugs, pests have a way of burrowing into your home and into your life. While treatment options for indoor pests widely vary, perhaps the most effective of these are those that prevent pests from entering your home. An effective pest control program is one that not only treats bugs and insects already living in your home, but one that prevents their entry.

Pest control in Charlotte, NC is essential as this Southern state sees a host of invasive bug species. Protect the integrity of your home, and the safety of your family, by establishing an anti-pest barrier around your property.

What is a Pest Control Barrier? 

Unlike other forms of insect and bug treatments, which eradicate bugs that have already infiltrated your home, control barriers eliminate the possibility of ground-dwelling bugs from entering your residence. Techniques used to prevent the entry of insects include:

  • Ground Barrier – This is the first line of defense when it comes to preventing pests from entering your home. Typically, a pest control company installs a form of chemical barrier around the perimeter of your property. This effective method kills current pests and prohibits entry from future pests.
  • Pesticide Sprays – Along with an in-ground barrier, pesticide sprays kill insects on contact while simultaneously preventing new insects from invading your space. While effective, it’s important to discuss the use of chemical pesticides if you have children or outdoor animals. The goal is to kill pests, not harm the people and creatures you love.
  • Removing Existing Nests – The purpose of a barrier is to prevent new insect invasions, but what about existing bug nests? Professional pest management companies effectively rid all insects and bugs from your property by removing existing nests. The methods used to accomplish this goal may include: physical removal of nests, application of chemical pesticides and installation of preventive barriers.

Controlling Pests In Your Home

The purpose of a pest control barrier is to prevent entry of various insects and bugs on your property, but how does this barrier control pest populations within your home? While various indoor treatments kill current pest colonies, outdoor pest barriers work to prevent indoor infestations by not giving insects a chance to set up shop.

If you are fighting pests in and around your home, contact a professional company capable of eradicating existing colonies and preventing new insects from making a home out of your home.

Planning through the winter for the upcoming Bug season in Raleigh with an experienced Pest Control Company

pest control serviceBundling up and looking forward to arriving to your warm abode sounds amazing in the winter, but, the thought of keeping bugs/pests warm and alive in your home during your stay may make your skin crawl. It’s situations like so that would make a person want to make a clean sweep to remove all pests from their household as soon as possible. It would make sense that pest control wouldn’t be an issue, but, pest control during the winter is one of the best times to get rid of the bugs causing such nuisance. Read More

Why Winter Works

Winter season for pest control works the best due to the fact that companies can really pay attention to detail and remove pest problems before they even happen. Being able to focus on the problem before it happens works wonders as it may even stop potential visits in the upcoming seasons.

Pests/Bugs Cause Damage

Some pests cause damage all year round with no break during the winter. Carpenter ants and termites work on damaging your home all year round (considering they’re inside as well.) An inspection during the winter can stop your bug problem once and for all by removing the problem from what they considered a safe environment in your home.

More Time Exploring Problem

From the basement to the attic, winter gives the time to remove a problem (spider eggs, rodents, ect.) as opposed to giving it a quick spray with neutralizer only for the issue to relocate elsewhere in the home. An attic inspection alone can stop future issues of ladybugs, box-elder bugs, cluster flies, or anything else that has decided to live in your least area of habitat. Most bugs use the attic due to the fact heat rises giving them the opportunity to remain dormant until spring rolls around. Once this area is dusted the chance of bugs moving back in to your living arrangement is slim to none.

Removing Bug Exit/Entry To Home

The winter time allows pest control to remove any chance pests have of entering and exiting your home in the future. This saves you money (as well a time) due to the fact you should be enjoying the warmer weather minus any hindrance of pests ruining your spring/summer/fall fun.

Thinking ahead: Hiring an electrician in Durham to prevent future problems

electrical contractorWhen it comes to the electrical needs of a home, unless you’re planning an addition or need to upgrade or renovate a room or the home, the times are few that an electrician is actually a necessity. That’s because most “electrical” needs are simply replacing light bulbs or plugging/unplugging something from the wall. However, there are times when an electrician in Durham NC that residents can trust is more than a need, it is a necessity. That is when you call House Doctors Durham.

Why An Electrician?

When it comes to working with electricity, not only is it possible to suffer mild shocks, it is actually possible you can be killed if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Also, a miss-wired switch, socket, appliance or outlet can actually cause a fire which could, if not contained, burn down the home. Unless you understand how electricity works and how to take care of wiring your own projects, it is best to leave the work for a professional.

Granted, when it comes to installing a ceiling fan, replacing a wall switch or other minor repair, ensuring you’ve killed the power to the room while you make the repair or replacement as you follow the instructions is usually sufficient. However, if you aren’t comfortable doing repairs like that, having an electrician friends and family suggests will be best. Also, there are some installations you’ll definitely want a professional technician to take care of.

Jobs Not For Homeowners

Here are a few examples of installs and repairs you’ll definitely want to have a professional handle:

  • Stove, Dryer and other high voltage applications – If you get “bit” by 110 volts (common voltage for lamps, overhead lights, ceiling fans, wall outlets, etc.), you’ll feel a nasty “buzz” in your arm or hand. While this is truly annoying, when it comes to 220 volts (common for stoves, dryers and other heavy duty appliances), not only can you get “kicked” across the room, but you could suffer second and third degree burns or even be killed. Also, if a 220v circuit is mis-wired, a fire could definitely result or even damage to the appliance. Definitely a job for the professionals.
  • Rewiring rooms – While building additions, renovating a home or building a new home, you’ll want professional electricians to do the work. That’s because they can keep the breaker box “balanced”, can do the job a lot faster since they have the right tools and the expertise and a lot less expensively as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that an inspectors recognize will have their work certified quickly and without having to make corrections to their work. For additions and renovations, certification by an inspector is required.

How to plan ahead of Hurricane Season and Falling trees in Raleigh with a Tree Service Company

How to Plan Ahead Of Hurricane Season and Falling Trees with a Tree Service company in Raleigh NC.

tree servicesThe Atlantic hurricane spell comes in between the months of June and November. During this time, tropical cyclones develop in the northern Atlantic Ocean region. Numerous damages are often expected to happen to trees within your landscape. The better part of it is that with Tree Service, all hope is not lost. There are some precaution measures that you can put in place to ensure your safety, that of your family, trees and anything else within your property. Read More

The best plans that you can put in place during this time include

  • Inspecting the tree trucks in your home to see if they are decayed. Mushroom growth on a tree truck indicates decay. This decaying weakens the tree.
  • A tree that is leaning on another one gives a sign of weakens. The nature of the soil at the base of the tree can also show if the root system of your tree is in good shape.
  • Any dead or partly attached branches might cause injuries or extensive damages if the storm brings them down. See to it that they are removed as early as now.
  • A tight V-shape of the folks is a sign of pending danger.
  • Cut off the tree branches which are in contact or close to power lines. In the event of a storm, these trees will become energized if they chance to get into contact with these wires.
  • Hollow trees and limbs, gaping wounds and peeling barks should also raise concerns.
  • Trees which are not strong enough or have cracked stems should be cut.

If you note any of these signs, the first step that you should take is contacting a Tree Service Company for inspection and advice on what you need to do. Neglecting some of these signs might be the beginning of troubles; some of which might not be reversed. There are many examples of what uncared trees have done when a storm hits a place. Being on the safe side is the best security you can give to your family and property.

For you to be certain of your safety, you must get ready before the storm strikes your area. Do not wait until the last minute. The last minute rush will most likely force you to make hasty decisions. It is at this time that you end up getting the services of tree care companies which will take advantage of the desperate situation and make dishonest money by giving you shoddy services. To avert this, gather some information about genuine tree care companies that are around your place.


Planning your small repairs in Acworth with a Handyman

handyman needsAnyone who owns their own home appreciates that there is always something needing attention. Whether it’s the faucet, or lamp, or maybe an upgrade the tile on the back splash, it’s always something. So now that your to-do list is ready and you chose a handyman to do the work, get the most of your project by planning ahead. Our experts here at Total handyman Acworth offer this checklist.

Commit to Your Project

The last thing your contractor wants to hear is you flip-flopping or wavering about any final decisions. Once you decide on the details for your project hold your guns about it. Before you make any final decisions however, consider alternatives for your project. Whether it’s the material, color, or dimensions make sure you have weighed your options.  So do your research, make a decision and then sleep on it or get a second opinion to make sure you are happy with your selection.

Prep the Work-Area

Make sure clutter, furniture, and anything else that may be in the way is out of the way, otherwise your contractor will be spending time on tasks other than what is on your to-do list. Also make sure the area is conducive to work. It should be clean and quiet.

Be Clear and Thorough

Clearly describe your expectations to your handyman so there is no communication. leave a printed list for reference as well. Just like your contractor likes to measure twice and cut once, you want to make sure you are understood about what you are agreeing on.

Know What Your Budget is

Become comfortable with your budget and keep in mind how happy you will be after your projects are complete. Also, leave room in your budget for any surprises or potential upgrades so that you avoid any sticker shock or buyers’ remorse.

Keep it Friendly

it always help to be attentive to your contractor. Let them know there is cold water and coffee available. You may choose to spring for lunch or at least offer a place for them to sit and eat their own lunch. Finally leave a radio for them and let them know there is cold beer, but they have to finish first.

Don’t hire a roofing contractor in Austin without reading this!

There are a number of factors to consider before you hire a contractor roofer Austin. Therefore you will need to do your research before you commit to a particular service. With so many contractors in the area, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. You will need to choose a service that offers excellent customer service and good value for money, as well as a contractor that will complete the job on-time and on-budget. Here are some tips to consider when hiring a roofing contractor.


1. Think about the future


A contractor may seem like an unnecessary expense if your roof is generally in a good state of repair. However, enlisting the services of a contractor to inspect your roof on a regular basis could save you more money in the long run. The contractor will be able to inspect for any damage to the roof on a six-monthly or yearly basis, and identify any problems ahead of time before the roof deteriorates any further. A roofing contractor can also investigate for any signs of damage after a recent storm, or after heavy rain or wind.


2. Do your research and shop around


Always do your research when looking for the best contractor in the area such as Austin Longhorn Roofing. There are a number of online resources that can help you, including price comparison websites (where you will be able to compare and contrast services and prices in your local area), as well as third-party review websites, where you will be able to read independent reviews from customers who have previously used a particular service. You may also want to ask friends and family about a contractor they have used in the past.


3. Safety is paramount


Remember – if there is a serious problem with your roof, for example it is falling down, or slabs are falling off, you will need to contact a contractor immediately. Leaving the problem could cause a serious injury in the future, particularly if materials fall onto the ground below. A qualified and experienced contractor will be able to rectify the problem for you.


4. See as an investment


Although you might think that a new roof will a costly expense, it could be a worthwhile investment. Studies show that a new roof could add value to your property and save you money on your energy bills.